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Manufacturing Facility Details in Karlovo
  • Central geographic position inside Bulgaria 

  • 2 minutes driving distance from city centre

  • Ashford formula finished concrete on floor: non dusting surface

  • Loading Dock with 2 sectional doors

  • 1 Sectional door for ground floor access

  • 30.000 m2 total area with TIR parking, Car parking section, garden and social area

  • 6300 m2 enclosed manufacturing area with 4 offices

  • Compressor Room, Heating Room, Equipment Storage Room

  • 2 floors each 840 m2 offices and social areas

  • 400 selected available employee and regional experience support for start up

  • Lightsteel frame construction with 23 m axe distance and 6 m beam height (max. roof height 7,5 m)

  • 10 cm sandwich pannel walls and roof with excellent isolation

  • Siphonic roof drainage system

  • 42 smoke hatches with skylight, 21 of them with remote control for natural ventilation.

  • Economic pellet heating system with Volcano water heaters

  • 400 KVA electrical power ( enlargable easily to 1000 KVA) with 100 KVA UPS

  • Electric power and led lightning distribution through busbar system

  • Fire fighting alarm with sprinkler system, 120.000 lt fire tank

  • Security portal with tourniquet and with connection to 20 security cameras 

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For more information please contact us!
For more information please contact us!
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Manufacturing Facility Details in Karlovo
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